COST : $80.00

STRUCTURE: Weekly 1 hour session for 8 weeks (runs during term time only)

If you're looking to get fit but have time pressures elsewhere in life the rowing machine is the answer!  No other piece of gym equipment can utilise 80% of your muscles whilst working your heart and lungs at the same time.

RowFit sessions offer a fantastic workout and are suitable for any level of rowing ability. Focusing on improving rowing machine technique, fitness and core strength the sessions involve a combination of 500m erg sprints and body conditioning exercises. These sessions take place indoors in our fully air-conditioned Gym room, and run as a course of weekly one hour sessions for 8 weeks during term time.

We offer RowFit as a block of 10 sessions (eight in term 4 due to Christmas), one a week.  If you'd like to do just a single session drop us a line and we'll accommodate you where we can.

Sessions are on a Wednesday at 5:30pm (mixed class) and a Ladies Only class Thursday at 9:30am. 

To sign up contact